A Shellcode Idea

Maybe we’re all a little black hat at times – you have to bend the rules to get things done sometimes.I thought of a couple kinds of shellcode – basically checking to see if the user is in a particular country or timezone.The concept of weaponizing shellcode is nothing new. This is just more fuel […]

Backdooring Plugins

I had this thought speaking with fellow hacker friendos at 2600. Alternative ways to persist. Why not backdoor some popular programs? Sure why not? Today let’s scope in on backdooring some plugins for popular software. I will be covering a bunch of other programs, mainly stuff already on my computer. First plugin to backdoor will […]

xor by update

Hi! In a vain effort to not lose what little knowledge I have, I have made an update to a C# project called ‘XOR By’. In this version I added ‘Rc4’ because I was going to but then didn’t. Source is here. As a small update I’ve been playing with drivers and kernel land. its […]